What to do if the temperature rises with cystitis

High temperature in cystitis becomes a problem in many people of all sexual age groups. In the case of an increase in body temperature, in this inflammatory disease, we will try to tell our readers. Recall that the information presented below is not a medical appointment and serves only for introductory purposes.> Features of the course of the diseases of the cystitis are an inflammatory disease of infectious etiology, which affects the internal mucous membrane of this organ of the excretory system. As a result of the effect of an infectious agent on the internal lining of the bladder, persistent disorders of its functions of varying severity occur and, as a result, a change in urine precipitate occurs. Cystitis in women according to statistics occurs more often than in men. This is due to the structure of the genital system. Why does body temperature increase with the development of this disease? This is facilitated by several factors:- the presence of an infectious pathogen and a reaction of immunity to its invasion.- The possible general hypothermia of the body.- a decrease in the resistance (resistance) of the body. The main pathogens are streptococci, staphylococci, including staphylococcus aurers, intestinal vapor and bacteria. To reduce the body temperature with cystitena-and more qualified treatment of cystitis is prescribed by a urologist or therapist. Therefore, at the first signs of the disease, you need to immediately seek medical help. If the thermometer column rose to 38 degrees and above, then the first time it is worth taking an antipyretic. This will not be treatment, but will significantly improve the patient's condition before visiting the doctor. The same means, as paracetamol or ibuprofen, will implicitly eliminate possible pains that often appear with cystitis in the lower abdomen. This symptom is more often manifested in women. But for men, such a symptom is not rare. There is another indispensable tool that must be used for any inflammatory disease, including cystitis. This is a plentiful drink. When a large amount of pure water enters the body, leaching of decay and toxins that is released by an infectious agent. From this, the condition becomes more stable, and body temperature begins to decline. It is also necessary to recall that tea with lemon or cranberry fruit drinks significantly improve the condition by increasing the acidity of the blood, which is fatal for pathogenic flora. The temperature with cystitis can be reduced if the infusions and decoctions of healing herbs are used for treatment. The use of natural therapeutic agents for cystitis in women avoids the undesirable effect of antibiotics and nitrofuranic drugs, which is expressed in violation of natural flora in the vagina. Cystitis treatment of cystitis offers quite a lot. But only a doctor can choose a competent combination of these methods in order to achieve the maximum effect quickly and without side effects. Looking for where to bet on sports in India? Go to bilbet.com ! The best odds and registration bonuses are waiting for you