New slot machines crash themes. Play now.

New slot machines, demo versions

The competition among online slot suppliers is very strong, and dozens of studios are constantly launching new slot machines. They come out at different times, from different developers, but all the latest releases we collect on this page. Anyone can play them for free and without registration. The higher the position of the slot, the later it was added. 

How to play new slot machines for free on

Using the list of our new casino slots is very easy. You choose the slot you like, point to it and click on the start button. Sometimes there is no button, despite the fact that the slot has already been added. This is possible if the release has not yet taken place, but the details of future novelties are already known. As soon as the slot is launched, you will be able to play it.

If it is more convenient for you to read the novelty review first, you can click on the name, which is under the picture of the slot. There you will learn what you can expect from the game - its payout percentage, volatility, as well as view a collection of screenshots. From the review page you will also be able to run the demo crash game.

Without exception, all new and old casino machines available on our site can be run in test mode. Guests and registered users without any restrictions can play for free as much as you want.

Best new online casino slots

Our site features slots from more than 30 developers. Obviously, not all of them produce good quality products. The budget of some small studios is much smaller than the big ones, and it affects their new and old slot machines. So if you want the best new products, then choose the best suppliers, they are NetEnt, Yggdrasil.

If you are a fan of the products of a particular developer, you can choose the filter "Gaming software" in the right menu and set there the desired suppliers. In addition, there are other filters: RTP, variance, number of lines, number of reels, availability of bonus round, etc. Use these settings to leave only the results that best suit you.

New slots from different developers

The production of online slots is the most active sphere in the development of game software, and a huge number of studios are working in it. However, not all of them regularly add new slot machines. Constancy distinguishes mainly large and medium developers. On average, they release on 1 new game a month, and sometimes even more. Small studios can be much less productive. What's more, their releases often remain in the vast shadow of high-profile new releases from popular vendors. So, you might not even hear about them.